What are IJMB and JUPEB?
The full meaning of IJMB is Interim Joint Matriculation Board Examination. The examination board is being managed by Ahmad Bello University since its inception in 1978.
The full meaning of JUPEB is Joint University Preliminary Examination Board; it is an A’ Level programme recently approved by all federal and states universities in Nigeria.
The two programmes qualify and facilitate students’ admission into 200level without JAMB or any university screening examination. Students with an IJMB or JUPEB results can get admission into any Nigerian Universities through direct entry, as approved by JAMB and Nigeria University Commission (NUC).

What Makes Any Difference between IJMB and JUPEB?
The two Joint Examination Programmes under the regulation of NUC qualify students into 200L in any university in Nigeria. The difference between them is that IJMB comes once in a year in every February, while JUPEB runs for two semesters, whereby candidates have opportunity to write examinations at each semester of the programme.

What is The Duration of the Two Programmes?
IJMB runs for 9 months while JUPEB runs for 8 months and candidates will get the results two months after the examinations.

What is the Eligibility of the Two Programmes?
Only a secondary school’s O’ Level results. Awaiting result students can also apply prior to the release of their results.

Who is eligible or can apply to do the programme?

  • Those that have scored below 200marks in there utme examination.
  • Those that have lost hope in university education; this is the best alternative to enter university from 200L.
  • Those that do not want to remain idle but want to engage in doing something.
  • Those with awaiting results or those with incomplete O Level results.
  • Those that were not given there desired course and wish to change to another prefered course in the university.
  • Those that are tired of writing UTME every year and would not meet up with the cut-off mark.
  • Those with ND, HND, NCE with low grade point or those that want to get university degree in their various profession.
  • Those that are interested in studying lengthy period courses in School; e.g Law, Medicine, engineering etc. This is the best channel to get it right for direct entry to 200 Level without Delay.
  • Those that admire quality education for their children; these are the best programmes to choose for them because any student of IJMB or JUPEB has opportunity to get outstanding result out of the programme because most of what they will learn at our centre is also part of what they teach them in university at 100L.

What Is the Validity Duration of the IJMB and JUPEB Results?
Unlike JAMB or Pre-degree results, IJMB and JUPEB are in a form of certificate and can be used for life or till “eternity” if you like, because A Level results have no expiration date like JAMB.

Is the Programme Easy to Pass?
Yes! Candidate must register only 3 subjects pertaining to the course of interest of the student and the subjects must be approved by the board. Best-Option Prevarsity has on ground service of competent university lecturers to give students the best services possible.

What is the Affiliation between Best-Option Prevarsity and the Board?
Best-Option Prevarsity has affiliation with the board through the partnership with four universities here in Nigeria to present our students for the final examination after tuition.

Best option prevarsity is a certify centre approved by the 2 boards to tutor the students for the programme. But the managements of the 2 programmes are by the board under the approval of Nigerian University Commission NUC, JAMB, and Federal Ministry of Education to admit students into 200L in any Nigerian University.

Best Option is an approved institution to register and teach students for any of the two programmes being among the directly affiliated centres but the conduct of the examination is by the board of IJMB or JUPEB

Once a student register for any of the 2 pragrammes it means such student is qualified to sit for the exam, receive lectures for the period of 9 months and his or her stay during the period of the programme stands for first year in university.

Our advice for student is to let make hay while the sun still shine. Limited spaces are available and registration closes two weeks after this publication.

Also, remember that 1.5million students sit for JAMB every year and only 400 thousand always have their way in. So, where are the rest?

People choose our centre to apply for any of these programmes as alternative means to get university admission into 200L. We have testimonies given by our past students.

Our director is also a living testimony. When he sat for JAMB for 4 consecutive years having scored more than 200, he was not given his desired course before he went for the programme in the year 2003. Thank God today, he is a competent graduate student of Univeristy of Ilorin and also holds Masters Degree from University of Ibadan and now, he is currently on his PhD. Anybody can make it to that level or beyond. We are here to provide you with an opportunity. Parents should not delay the education of their beloved children. Do not let them remain Idle. Register them now for these programmes.

Am I Going to Serve after My Degree?
Yes! You can use the result for direct entry admission into 200L and you will be matriculated with 100L students.

When Will the Registration commence?
Registration and lectures have already started and going on respectively; in fact, currently we have just few spaces left to fill the remaining slots given to us by the board.

How Guaranteed is my admission?
Since 2008, Best-Option has been presenting students for A Level programme and facilitating students’ admissions. So far we have had 100% success. Amidst the competitive nature of Nigeria university admission, we are able to manage the affairs of our students and other external admission seekers successfully. Below, you can read few testimonies from our previous students.
More so, it needs be mentioned that we have affiliations with 15 federal universities and 10 state universities in Nigeria, where we particularly guarantee university admission for our students.

If I Pass My JAMB and POST JAMB, Is the Programme Still Necessary?
Yes! If you may agree with us for these reasons:
– Considering Nigerian factor, you want to be on a safe side.
– Admission these days is very competitive especially via JAMB, in which those who score very ‘high’ in JAMB and POST JAMB still find it difficult to enrol themselves into universities of their choice and or faculty of their interest.
– Besides, what will you engage yourself with till next year when school will start giving out admissions? You should note, an idle hand is devil’s workshop.
– The knowledge you will gain from the programme will surely help you in school to obtain good results in your course of study.
– The programme will actually prepare you for the rigorous and intense life of tertiary institution.
– What if the university you apply into denies you your desired course at late hour?
These are important matters one must consider before putting all eggs in one basket. With IJMB and JUPEB you have solid alternatives in hands.

What to Gain as a New Student of the Prevarsity?
– Academically, we plan to start afresh with our IJMB and or JUPEB candidates; we provide them with the right orientation on how to approach an IJMB or JUPEB examinations with efficacy.
– Financially, our Tuition Fees Payment Plan is very flexible. Our candidates also enjoy affordable tuition fees compare with what our competitors charge their students.
– We stand to process and facilitate for our candidates, university admission into 200 Level through our connections with universities that we are affiliated with. There are now close to 15 federal universities and 10 state universities in Nigeria, with which we have reservations, and can present out students for admission.
– As part of our principle, we stay firmly behind the back of our students until they are formally admitted into their respective universities studying the course of their interest.
– Students can relate directly with the director and will be there to put them through. The administrative and academic management and staffs at Best-Option Prevarsity provide our students with qualitative services with friendly patriotism.

  • We promised make up classes for any fresh student that registers for any of the 2 programmes.
  • We ensure that our students pass their programmes at all cost
  • Availability of hostels for both male and female

Are IJMB and JUPEB the same with university Pre-degree Programmes?
IJMB and JUPEB examination qualify students into 200L, but with pre-degree, students begin from 100L.
You can not use pre-degree result of one university for another university, but in the case of IJMB or JUPEB you are free to choose any school you like.
If you don’t meet-up with required point in pre-degree, admission is not guaranteed, but if it is A Level IJMB or JUPEB you can be rest assured.
When using pre-degree result, one still need to write JAMB and screening examination to be qualified for admission, but through IJMB or JUPEB, it is never a requirement. All that is needed is to apply as Direct Entry Candidate.

What benefits attached to IJMB or JUPEB?

  • It is a 9months Alevel programme which covers basics and general aspects of study expected from a student to know and understand comprehensively.
  • Results of IJMB or JUPEB can facilitate students’ admission into 200 L in any university in Nigeria
  • Students of IJMB or JUPEB will have the opportunity of better understanding when they enter university in their various courses of study
  • It limits risks of admission disqualification because there is certainty for students of IJMB or JUPEB to be admitted into university than UTME students; we have 100% assurance.
  • As a student of IJMB or JUPEB you do not need to write JAMB or do any form of university screening before securing admission into 200L; you will apply through direct entry.
  • There is opportunity for the students to choose two universities in the process of choosing universities of their choice.
  • The result of IJMB or JUPEB valid for life and it can be used for employment if you wish.
  • Awaiting result student can also apply against the release of their result.

How to Apply for IJMB and JUPEB through Our Centre?
Application form is 5000 naira. Candidates are required to pay all fees to the bank. Below, are details of our account.
Bank Name: UBA
Account Name: Best-Option Educational Services
Account Number: 1019446638
NOTE: prospective students must present their teller when submitting their completed forms. we have made the forms available here online.
Call 08099517156 or 08059396710 for more enquiries or leave a message in the comment box below. You can also opt to email us here:

How to Obtain, Submit and Complete the Registration?
There are 3 possible ways to go about it for the convenience of our prospective students.
– Students can come directly to the school to obtain the forms at KM4, Iwo Road, Opposite Oando Filling Station, Iwo-Road Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.
– Or you can download the registration forms HERE. Then submit the forms attached with the bank teller to or bring them to our office.
– Candidates can also text their full name and email to any of these telephone numbers 08099517156 or 08059396710. Application forms will be sent to such student and can submit the forms via telephone or email.

Does Best Option Pre-varsity Have Licence to Run These Programmes?
Yes! Best Option Pre-varsity is a registered institution under Corporate Affairs Commission with RC: 2388324 and Federal Ministry of Education and it has been in existence for over seven years.

Please feel free to ask us any question at We will be happy to reply you.